The WEBs-N4 software platform builds on the legacy of the Niagara Framework® in new
and exciting ways. It’s less reliant on browser plug-ins, faster and easier to use. Now end
users can directly access, analyze and act on a wide range of operational data. A truly

open framework, WEBs-N4 software delivers a variety of notable improvements to help
businesses take full advantage of the Internet of Things, including advanced visualization
and new search, security and navigation tools.

Advanced Visualization & Navigation


  • Easily customized, real-time dashboards
  • Built-in search function
  • Data cleansing capabilities
  • Workbench workflow improvements
  • WEBs-AX to WEBs-N4 station migration tool

The AX Platform of controllers include smarter applications that provide valuable information, stronger tools that empower users, and all with a faster time-to-market with Web-services applications.  The WEBs AX bundles WEBs software capability in a hardware platform that can be installed in typical building control environments.  Each WEBs AX connects to a system filed bus and provides real time control functions as constant streams of data from individual systems are instantaneously transformed to a common object model.  The products provide a fully distributed system when multiple units are networked together, which provides unsurpassed scalabiltiy and reliability.  In this configuration, WEBs can be used to network controllers and manager enterprise-level control functions.  The appropriate model is determined by connectivity and computing power requirements.



Fully Programmable Controller BACnet or LON.  The Spyder® controller platform continues to grow – meeting more application demands. Select from standard size Spyder or Spyder Micro, which offers a smaller footprint for tight mounting requirements and reduced I/O count. The Spyder platform reduces installation, programming and servicing time all while using a controller that adapts to your application needs. Sylk® Bus lets you easily use the Honeywell Zio® LCD wall module for even more flexibility.More..

The Most Flexible Application Specific Controller You’ve Ever Seen

By leveraging the technology used in the Spyder controller, the Stryker controller will meet any application currently met by the popular XL10 and then some. The first VAV models are based upon the Spyder Micro Lon hardware platform and include the capability for meeting many sequences and control strategies including: CO2, Humidity, Discharge Air, Modulating Periph/Reheat, Modulating Fan and many more. All of this adds up to a contractor being able to do a wide range of jobs with the same flexible controller that can be programmed with amazing speed More..